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Vegan Candy

As it is Halloween, I find myself in a moral dilemma.  I want to give the neighborhood trick or treaters candy, but I don’t want to be a hypocrite.  Luckily PETA has compiled a list of vegan friendly candy and snacks.  If you also suffer this dilemma, or are just curious check out the list here.

PETA – Vegan Candy 


Also on the same page you find a list of hidden non-vegan ingredients and what they are

Baking with non-dairy milk

My husband found this article and shared it with me.  I found it really interesting and thought I should share it with you all.  In general I am a fan of soy milk for baking.  We use either the Naturally Preferred Organic Plain Soymilk or the Soy Dream Enriched Plain Soymilk for everything.  The Naturally Preferred kind curdles less in your coffee, so usually we use that one, but as far as taste goes, I think the Soy Dream is the best.

Here is a side-by-side comparison of some of the top brands and types of non-dairy milks done by

Thrive Magazine

Recently I was interviewed about becoming a Vegan in Southwest Louisiana.  This month I am featured in Thrive Magazine pages 50-51 in a 2 page spread.  So excited.  This is my first recognition for the website.  The magazine just came out so right now online they only have the cover available to view, but later in the month they will put the whole thing online so you can view the article.  Keep checking back often to see it.  Until then, here is a picture of the article.

*Update:  It is available online now at

A great big Thank You to Erin Cormier for taking an interest and writing a great article.

Vegan in Louisiana on Facebook

Today I started a Facebook site for the blog.  Go there and “like” me for even more updates, pictures, and recipes.

Vegan in Louisiana

Protein in the Vegan Diet

This is a great article I just read about protein.  That is always my not vegan friend’s concern for my diet.  How do you get your protein?  I think they just don’t understand that meat and eggs are not the only foods that contains protein.  This article gives a good breakdown for calculating how much protein a person needs for their weight.

Protein in the Vegan Diet

No More Plastic Bags

The following article helps to explain what happens to plastic bags after they are disposed of and the effects on our environment.  Everyone should do their part and use some form of reusable shopping bag.  There are also reusable produce bags that everyone should consider purchasing.  Many stores such as Target and Kroger carry them in the store for purchase, or you can order some at

Do Plastic Bags Ever Decompose?

"It’s ok to eat fish ’cause they don’t have any feelings"

Being that we live in SouthWest Louisiana where fishing is a huge industry I just wanted to take a minute and share an article I discovered. It deals with the subject of whether fish have feelings, as well as what impact fishing, caught as well as farmed, has on the environment.

The Case Against Eating Fish
by Richard H. Schwartz

There are standard questions that vegetarians are often asked. Perhaps the most frequent one is, “HOW DO YOU GET ENOUGH PROTEIN?” Another common question is, “DO YOU EAT FISH?””

Soy: Blessing or a Curse

This is an article my husband shared with me.  Dr. Mark Hyman dissects the recent data about the myths and truths surrounding soy.

Soy: A Blessing or a Curse

Vegan on Vacation in Wilmington, NC

My husband and I just got back from our last trip home for the summer.  It was a quick 5 day adventure to where we met in Wilmington, NC.  We spent time with our friends and went to the beach to frolic in the sand and surf.  We also spent lots of time eating.  Here in Lake Charles, LA there is not really any restaurants where I can go eat as a Vegan, but back home in Wilmington, they are everywhere.  We didn’t even have time to get to them all, but we did visit a few of our favorites.

Top of my list is
Flaming Amy’s Burrito Barn
at 4002 Oleander Drive.
I have to say I am a little biased having worked there for 5 years, but even after all of that time, this is always my first stop in Wilmington.  The rice and beans are vegan at Flaming Amy’s and they have grilled Tofu, grilled Jerk Tofu, and Portabello Mushrooms offered for your “grilled fillins”.  There is a wide variety of Burritos that can be Vegan simply by removing cheese and/or sour cream.  They also have hummus which can be substituted inside a quesadilla.  Their guacamole is also vegan.  Visit their website to view more pics and the menu
Next on my list is
Nikki’s Fresh Gourmet and Sushi Bar.
Nikki’s has grown over the years and has several locations.  My two favorites are the original downtown location at 16 S. Front Street, or the Independence mall location.  If you are a vegetarian or vegan, they have a fabulous menu with tofu burgers, grilled tofu sandwiches, tempeh rubens, tempeh phillys, and great veggie sushi.  They do not at this point offer up a vegan mayo or vegan dressing for the ruben, so since I became vegan, unless I bring my own, I usually opt for the sushi or one of the Mediterranean options.  Here is a link to  Nikki’s Downtown Menu

Another of our favorites is also a part of the Flaming Amy’s family

Flaming Amy’s Bowl
4418 Shipyard Blvd.
Long Leaf Mall
Wilmington, NC

This place is very vegan friendly.  They are a mongolian style grill where you take a bowl up and choose exactly what you want in your bowl.  You then choose from white or brown noodles, or white or brown rice.  You then choose your sauce.  I am a fan of the thai peanut sauce with brown rice.  If you tell the cook you are a vegetarian or vegan they will clean the grill extra well and get clean new spatulas from the kitchen to make sure there is no cross contamination.
Another place we found ourselves enjoying is
Trolley Stop Hot Dogs
Right now you are thinking hot dogs, what???  But Trolley Stop carries LightLife brand Smart Dogs which are vegan.  I have to admit I cheated a little and did not ask if the bread was vegan, I kind of assume it is not, but I wanted one so bad I did not inquire.  Ignorance is bliss!!!!
Trolley Stop offers a variety of toppings.  If you are simply a vegetarian, there a many options for you.  William went with the nuclear dog topped with cheddar cheese, jalapenos, and mustard.  I opted for mustard and onions.  At least I knew my toppings were vegan.  Trolley stop has several locations.  We went to the on at Carolina Beach.  More info and locations for Trolley Stop Hot Dogs.
This is just a small list of places Wilmington has to offer.  It is a very progressive town swarming with art and culture.  If you don’t see a vegan option on a menu (which is unlikely for most places), I guarantee they can work one out for you.

Beans the better white meat

This is an interesting article I found via the Huffington Post.  Just more evidence to use to prove to your meat eating friends that you are actually doing the right and healthy thing.

Is Meat the best option for Protein?

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