Thanksgiving’s Toll on Turkeys

Posted on: November 22nd, 2010 by missycoppage 1 Comment
Every Thanksgiving millions of Turkeys are slaughtered for the dinner table. This year, instead of killing a turkey serve a compassionate vegetarian meal at your table. In the center you can show a picture of your adopted turkey.
Farm Sanctuary is a safe haven for turkeys. You can sponsor a turkey for $30. If you have the land available you should consider actual turkey adoption. I know once we move to a new home where we have some land I want to adopt a couple of them. They are very intelligent and loving and they like to be around people.  We already sponsored our turkey this year, her name is Velma and her photo will be proudly displayed in the center of our feast.
Here is the link for adoption and sponsoring.


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  1. The Cooking Lady says:

    Tofurkey for us this year. We do not miss the turkey and I am serving it to our guests this ear, even though my father-in-law has purchased a ham. Some things you just can't get rid of.I look forward to the day that I can have acompletely vegetarian Thanksgiving.

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