Vegan Recipes Using Soymilk

Vegan Ranch

Vegan Ranch 1 Cup Veganaise 1/2 Cup Soymilk 1/2 tsp. Garlic Powder 1/2 tsp. Onion Powder 1/2 tsp. Black Pepper 1/4 tsp Paprika 1/8 tsp. Cayenne 1 Tbsp. White Vinegar 1 tsp Lemon Juice 2 tsp. Agave Syrup 2 tsp. Parsley (fresh, chopped) *Whisk all ingredients together and chill. If you want it thinner add more Soymilk. If you want to thicken it add Tofutti Vegan Sour...

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She Crab Soup

Last night we made Vegan "She Crab" soup.  I used to work in a restaurant that served real she crab soup and it always smelled so good to me.  I was excited to try this one.  The soup itself was really easy to make, the problem we had was finding Oyster Mushrooms.  We went to three different stores and could not find any.  So we settled for Shitake Mushrooms thinking they might be similar...

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