Vegan Recipes Using Sea Salt

Quick Pita Bread

William and I always buy pitas at the grocery store for sandwiches so I was excited to try this at home.  Imagine how much money you can save.  Plus I always like to know what every ingredient is that I am eating.  Have you ever read the ingredients for store bought pitas?  These easy pitas are great for dipping but they don't really form the pockets needed for sandwiches.  I will post my recipe for those also, but they take longer.  If you need them in a pinch these...

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Kale Chips

I had never tried these before and now that I have I am addicted.  These crunchy little treats melt in your mouth.  This is the best guilt-free treat I can think of. Kale is full of vitamins A, C, and K.  It also has calcium, Iron, and protein. So make yourself a big bowl of these instead of popcorn and sit down for a movie. Kale Chips

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