Vegan Recipes Using Pinto Beans

Taco Bell Style Mexican Pizza

Ever have a craving for one of those really bad for you treats like a Mexican Pizza from Taco Bell?  Before I went vegan every now and then I would have a Mexican Pizza with all beans, no meat.  They are delicious but probably not very healthy.  Now you can make your very own Vegan version of this at home. Slightly more healthy than it's fast food counterpart.  This is made with seasoned beans, but if you have it on hand, add a layer of TVP "ground beef", or gimme lean crumbles to your beans. You can...

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Bare Cabinets Soup

After William left for the day with no lunch in hand and I was starving come my own lunchtime I decided something had to be done.  I searched the cabinets and could not really come up with anything substantial.  I decided it was time to compile what produce we had on hand as well as dry goods.  What came out of this was a delicious new soup for my collection. (Don't worry, I took some to him at work so he would not go hungry either.) Bare Cabinets...

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