Vegan Recipes Using Mustard

Eggless Egg Salad

For the past few weeks I have been working out really hard.  I started doing P90X which is a real butt kicker. That combined with the fact that the temperature outside is already in the high 90's is changing my eating habits a little.  So for lunch today after my workout I wanted something light, but satisfying.  I have seen lots of recipes for eggless egg salad in the past, so I decided to take my favorite aspects from a couple of them and combine that with the ingredients...

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Oyster Mushroom Rockefeller

This recipe was recently featured in Vegetarian Times magazine.  I have never had real oyster rockefeller so I can not say how close to an original it is, but I can say it was delicious. I had trouble finding oyster mushrooms in Lake Charles, finally I found dried ones at Albertson's.  For anyone who tries this recipe 1 oz. dried oyster mushrooms = 4 oz fresh oyster mushrooms.  Soak them in lukewarm water for 30 mins.-1 hour before cooking. I also reduced the recipe a little since it would just be...

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Sunday Funday Quiche

Every now and again we like to get together with our friends and let loose on Sunday.  This week we decided to have a brunch picnic in the park.  We had coffee, mimosas, fruit, hummus, fresh pitas, and vegan quiche.  Then we ran around in our clothes in the water park!!!  For my quiche I used a store bought vegan friendly crust and filled it with kale, baby portobellos, red onion, and tomatoes.  The crust is not necessary if you do not have access to one and you can...

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